Now I have been lucky enough to see this guys work in London Paris and Berlin and without a doubt he is the boss in my eyes. He specialises in mixed media including Photography and large I mean LARGE paste ups. He has collaborated with various Street Artists and actors such as BLU, Robert De Niro, Jose Parla & Os Gemeos to name a few.




JR – Can Art Change The World?

I don’t know about changing the world but artists can be influential in how we see the world. This is one of the baddest, fattiest books i own and it is work the money. This publication shows you JR’s Life work. He is a self taught photographer from France. The book delves into every element of JR’s thought process.


Women are Heroes Publication is just off the scale with the intense portraits of people from the streets of towns through out the world. His ghoulish looking eyes watch you on shanty huts or even trains running through the county.

The Wrinkles of the City – Havana Cuba

An immense publication showing the unique collabriation between JR and Jose Parla. One of my favourite coffee table books.




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